December 30, 2009


I dream a lot...

Just before the year ends, I wanted to be concrete of what i want for the coming year..I need to see them. I want because I need! and because I am a huge believer that dreams do come true, I should know what i really want!

This is my dream board for the year 2010! (click on the pic to enlarge)

I want to travel.
I want to go to USA.
I want to go to Paris.
I want to learn how to swim.
I want to learn how to doll myself up.
I want to be a good cook.
I want to have my own car.
I want a house.
I want a lenovo think pad laptop.
I want a telephoto lens.
I want a grand holiday..
and.. I wanna be in business. I wanna change career. huh!

I believe they will come true! =)
(superduper ambisyosa?) care ko! basta, I want! I want! I want!

December 28, 2009

I Hate It when I am Sick

I have never been sick since i stepped in this country, since February 8, 2007 to date. I am very watchful of what I eat and I do exercise as long as i have time.

Just today, after working for almost 10 days without any day off, my body has given up... tired and maybe almost worn out, signalling my brain to whisper to me, it needs repair.

I was supposed to do 13 hours shift today taking advantage of the bank holiday time-and-a-half pay. I decided not to. I gave up my second shift.

Upon reaching home, I felt like my body temp rose to 100 degrees celcius plus clogged nose, headache and muscle pains.. I took a shower then just rested on bed fiddling with the laptop.

because I am not feeling well, I began to feel super duper loneliness... imagining.. then feeling self pity...waaah! I hate it when i am sick.. para akong bata na nagmamaktol..

I wanna drink all that bottle of martini so I can have straight sleep...

I still have 7am-2pm shift tomorrow.

Goodnight bournemouth! Favor me tomorrow please.

December 27, 2009

I Think I Am Now Suffering OVER FATIGUE syndrome?

I have been working since the 18th of this month with out any day off. It isn't as bad as when you are working long day shifts (12 hours shift), I have shifts like 6hours at some days. But because I almost believed that I am supergirl, i got 2 successive days double shifts.. ohh, I almost killed myself.

After the second day of that 2 successive double shifts, i got clogged nose, muscle pains,sore throat and I was sneezing every 5 minutes. i thought i will not be able to make it the next day, I am due to do 8 hours shift, thanks God,at 6 in the morning, i woke up still with muscle pains, back pain and clogged nose but after uttering a short prayer and using the mind power, i felt better. I guess I am really supergirl.=)

After my shift I went straight to do another job, I just have to check a patient's legs, apply some creams to heal the dry flaky skin then whew! I got something for my grocery.

I wasn't able to give my mom a ring since the time difference according to my pc time says its 1:00am in HK.maybe on tuesday, I can make up to her.

I still have clogged nose, bad back,and horendous muscle pains but i will be fine tomorrow for another 8 hours shift. I reckon..

Goodnight Bournemouth! May tomorrow is a brighter day full of hopes and even bits of happiness.

December 25, 2009


My pc time says its 22:36. I just came from work, had shower and all evening rituals ready to curl down in my bed.

I did double shift today, 7:15-4 then 4-9:45 and will do the same tomorrow. It's stressful to think about it but i dont mind. I'd rather work while their is still work.=)

My room is now in total chaos. I can't be bothered. Let it be like that till the end of the year. Just before the new year strikes at 2400on the 31st of Dec., I promise I will make sure i have tidied up my room.whew!

Merry Christmas! Need to go to bed now. Goodnight World!

December 22, 2009

Pressies, pressies, pressies even I'm NO LADY SANTA just this time I finished wrapping all my pressies to the people I love in England. I finished work at 4PM so i had time to do it.

Tomorrow, I will be doing 7AM-4PM again so I will have atleast time again to go and give them before my sched rumlbes..
I will be working without any day off till the end of this month. OOOOPPPSSSS!!! Its not a big money, it's a big big tax. well I chose to work rather than thinking I'm all alone at Christmas and feeling miserable..hahaha!
Well, Merry Christmas everybody! Have a blessed one!

December 21, 2009

Spending My Christmas Alone

Ever wonder how to spend Christmas alone?

This is the second Christmas I am spending away from home. It is not as bad as you think. I am alone, well so alone for that matter, but because lately, just lately, I am learning to live life the best that I can, making the most out of it or maybe, because I am growing old (hehehe) and just realized I lost most of my younger years sulking, being bitter of the people who caused me so much pain... I am now not as bad as before. I may be spending my Chrismas alone but I don't mind, I don't feel so lonely now. As long as I know my family is having a happy one, I am with them.

Yesterday, because I was working in the evening shift (3.45pm-9.45pm) I took the morning to go to Casltepoint(shopping mall) to buy presents for the people who are close to my heart in England. It was busy as people are doing their shopping for Christmas too. I was very happy to find out that H&M shop is on sale. =) I bought myself a top and 2dresses.

..then I went straight to work. just on time.=)

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to where I have been hanging out lately..

...because I wasn't able to retrieve back my old blog,(I forgot my username and the password I used, not that I'm forgetful,I just haven't opened it for 4years... and because I used my friendster blog since then which is now f***ed up) I am now trying to make my diary in this site again, trying to exercise my literary ability if I have, and my grammar if i haven't forgotten subject-verb-agreement.

I don't know if I will find time to update it every now and then but I will try.

I hope to hear from you here.

God bless to all and yes, MERRY CHRISTMAS!