July 23, 2010


The precious times I am having with Lolo Steve are exemplary, magnificent, superb, priceless...all the superlatives... I love every minute of talking with him. I would love to acquire his wisdom. Sometimes, I would get bored listening to his self-praising adlibs but when he starts to tell stories about well known personalities, science, history, and world economy, I would forget all my scheduled tasks and listen to him.

CONVERSATION 101 (Relationship= Friendship)

LS- Lolo Steve
MK- Memory Keeper

LS: You should not think like that, you should think broadminded, you try understand each other ya, because
you know, you women need always someone to listen to you especially you are away from home because you are emotional.

MK: I don't care, I just dont want to talk to her. That's it Lolo.

LS: Ok, ok.. You know the cone ya? (he tries to draw a triangular shape in a piece of paper lying on the table) You see, relationships are sometimes like cone ya, two of you getting closer and closer untill you two so, so, so close and no space to move..then you bump to each other, hurt each other, then one will try now hide things from other, then one gets hurt.. That's it.. You stupid cow, you should try understand, that's human being... (all in his Chinese grammar and accent)

Then his tone going down...

LS: Ok? Try to look this way, try understand her, she needs privacy, she don't want you hear what she do, then you be broadminded. Ok?

***come to think of it, it has been a year since I heard this from Lolo steve and it was the first allegory I heard from him. I marked it in my heart. i think this advice is beautiful.

July 16, 2010


Yeah, I have been a skinty rat for the past two months...I mean until now.

How come? I was to extend my visa for a year. My previous employer told me they cannot give me sponsorship for my next course as its already a managerial course, not even any of my line managers finished the course I am currently taking.

To sort it out, I have to find an employer who could offer me a placement for my course to which I found one in the next town though. It should be alright for me, the problem was they cannot let me work unless I have my new visa...Ohhhhh, I am now stucked!

I am ok though, I can still manage with my house rent and my food is free,not unless I choose to go out to eat. My landlord who is the most generous man on earth is charging me the cheapest rent and is giving me free food. To recoup, I try to help in his business, a Chinese Restaurant, and still, he has to pay me for every little job he asks me to do. I have already become an ear to listen to his moans, a delivery girl to deliver food orders with or without him from his Take Away shop,well, keeping all the coin tips in my pocket. I also was an assistant to his staff going to the bank and explaining to the banker what the staff wanted.. been his P/A when applied for his 60's benefits like senior citizen's ID, been a secretary encoding for his Management Agreement for his other Shop, a waitress, a take away counter cashier, call receiver.. ohhh a lot.. But I am enjoying these jobs don't get me wrong.  The best part of it is my moments with him, my Lolo Steve, my landlord and boss at the moment when he tries to advice me, and gives me lessons not one university in this world would offer. Then I have decided to be a millionaire. Given the chance, I would... God willing, I will be.

Yeah, I am as poor as a rat... But I have taken all my time to make my plans all ready for the chance.