October 24, 2010


This isn't the first time
I'm coming begging 
To You again.

I'm so much ashamed
and won't even show my face
To You Lord.

But have mercy this time again
Don't turn nor hide Your face 
from me I pray.

Cause I'm about to burn out
Too tired of running
From the ghosts of my past
Too tired of trying
To show I can beat them all.

Take my heart Lord
Hold my hand just like before
And I wanna give You all
and tell You all again
these hurts, this emptiness, these pains
I have had when I have forgotten
and was gone away.

Hear me Lord
and don't let me go
Cause I don't wanna go that way anymore.


As much as I wanted to write again, I guess I have lost the ability. It has been long time since I wrote one nice piece.

Though this one is so simple,still I will take time to polish it, I am grateful I was able to put into words a bit of what I wanted to pray. never mind the art, please get the message.