September 10, 2013

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time...

Known to others or forever be untold, it will forever be kept in me to keep me reminded that somehow love is happier when stirred with reveries and wishes.

I never had that assurance that you had felt the same the way I felt for you before. I am only sure that you cared. Emotions do not lie, not unless you were successful to have infused to me the potion of hallucination in those times.  But somehow, I have felt you missed me if I wasn't visible, or audible for a time. And though it took us some time, in between seas, oceans and hemisphere gap,  we told each other those, I love you.

Not a lot would understand that you were real to me. And that the most carefree feeling I ever had was when we were together. Yes, we were together. Hours and hours. Countless times. Sharing. Laughing. Getting mad. Sweet nothings. Singing (Do you remember?). Yes, and those songs bring back our time, and the ecstasy whenever played around me. I feel you in the streets, in the malls, in the busses, jeepneys..

I wonder if they do the same to you. And I wonder if you still sing them.


I don't know if it was fate or you were born to know the right timing. You appeared right on time when I was succumed to loneliness and confussion. Your words were magical. You swept me off  my feet when you did that. You pulled in in the darkest of my nights. I thought you were an illusion, the kind I had fashioned in my dreams that would fade in the morning. But you were real, I have seen you, I have heard you. And the reality that you were real, made us alive.

I have tried, believe me that I have tried to hold on to those promises to make us real.

Sorry, I was not strong enough.