June 18, 2014

The Mamang Driver Chizmax

I was coming down the slope from the office of this certain developer company (their office being situated in the hilly area)when I saw a yellow convertible Porsche passed by me and I recognized this popular businessman in town driving it. This bloody rich business man monopolized the grocery business of wholesale and retail for a long period of time until the big SM came to Baguio. He does not only have Porsche, he's got almost all the luxury cars you can mention in their bright shining colors, red Ferrari, orange Lamborghini, maroon Maserati, etc, etc...

                                     (Image not mine, from Google Images)

When I reached the foot of the hill, I motioned for a taxi. The office is not well accessible as no public jeepneys pass by the area. And because I was in a conversational mood when I got in a cab, I cracked the silence between me and the driver.

'Manong, nakita n'yo si Mr. TS (not his real initials) dumaan? Naka Porsche, yellow.'

'Ahh, hindi ah, bago yan ah, meron na pala s'yang Porsche..'

'Oo kuya, convertible pa nga eh, naka-open, ang cute.'

'Yung Mini nya ang gusto ko, yun ang cute. Naiiba..'

'Bakit kaya payaman sya ng payaman, di naman nag-aasawa, pag namatay sya...'

'Bading sya di ba?'

I honestly didn't know this business man is a gay.

'Ha?! Talaga kuya, bading sya?'

'Oo di ba? Balita nga, inoffer n'ya daw si Jiter ng one night  stand pero di pumayag.'

'Ha kuya?! Sino yong inofferan nya?'

'Si Jiter, inofferan daw s'ya ng 1 million para mag one night stand, pero di pumayag.. Paanu, kadiri nga naman di ba?'

'Sinong Jiter ba yon?' I was clueless, really didn't know who Jiter is.

'Hindi mo kilala si Jiter? Pambihira ka naman, ilang taon ka na ba? Ako nga mas matanda pa sa yo eh, kilala ko.'

'Jiter? Sino yan, artista ba yan kuya?'  In my mind, maybe Jiter is a new actor I didn't know about. You see, I'm so lost with kuya..

'Oo di ba, si Jiter Ocampo, yong artista, eh si Piolo, kilala mo? Baka di mo rin kilala yon, bading din daw yon sabi nila..'

OH EMMM GEEE! I nearly burst into laughter but I held myself, 'Hindi ko nga kilala ang mga yan kuya, kung si Pernando Foe, pwede pa..' I joked with a soft laughs.

 It was just on time we reached Session Road where I was stopping. I handed him my fare and when I was just about to come down from the cab he said mockingly, 'Oh ngayon, alam mo na, na bading si Mr. TS ha? At kilala mo na rin si Jiter..'

'Oo nga kuya eh, salamat sa info ha, updated na ako. Pero i-su-surf ko pa ang itsura ni Jiter na yan.. kung gwapo ba yan. Sige po, salamat, ingat na lang,' I pushed the taxi door laughing.